A generic software for integrated environmental modeling

Model Coupling

URUNME is a one-stop solution for integrated modeling. It provides out-of-the-box support for loose and framework based model coupling and serves as an intelligent layer between the users, models, and data sources, practically hiding the underlying mechanics of the complex simulation process.

Pre- and Post Processing

Creates fully automated modeling applications operated by a click of a button – dynamically creates inputs from different data sources, manages scenarios, runs the models, reads outputs, analyses data, makes statistical inferences and ultimately shows results in a visually-aesthetic and interactive way.

Key Components


Supports model coupling and advanced pre- and post-processing capabilities for creating fully automated integrated modeling applications.


Advanced data analytics and statistics using Excel-type formulas, embedded R-language, SQL, timeseries transformation functions, etc.


Embedded SQLite for data storage. Supports reading and writing of various database types and file formats and represents data using visual vector and scalar variables.


Advanced scenario management to run a model multiple times using different initial and boundary conditions and store output data separately for each scenario.


A powerful graphics engine to create insightful and information-rich data visualization using multiple views and various visual elements.


Tools for creating intelligent decision support systems using interactive dashboards, scenario-based modeling, advanced data analysis, and visualization.

Try it Yourself

Create your next modeling project in URUNME. It’s free for academic use.

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